Arisen from the ashes of the too soon defunct EXCORIATE (Germany), VENENUM strikes mercilessly with its Heavy Metal of Death! Even though the band has only released a self-titled mini album for now, one can assume that VENENUM is a band that already matters and will for sure leave its mark in the Death Metal legacy. Mixing asphyxiating riffs of heaviness and eerie passages of morbid darkness, VENENUM definitely knows how to combine the best of death and darkness into their age old Metal cauldron. The debut full length album of Venenum will be out in time for the April 2107 tour.

REVEAL, Uppsala´s masters of terrifying insanity finally are back... back to kill decency, to raise middlefingers and to burn bridges.
Say goodbye to terms like „consensus“ and „conformity“ and expect the unexpected instead. Neither fish but foul, `Flystrips´ comes like a schizo siamese twin between old THORNS and THE GERMS. While their outstanding, debutalbum `Nocturne Eyes and Teeth´ stirred the scene with a grand black death chaos which however followed certain rules and stylistic apprehension, `Flystrips´ now chokes every understandment of how this music should sound and should be played. REVEAL step on unique paths and will leave traces. Related to bands alike NO FUTURE, IN SOLITUDE and GRAVMASKIN they share members with, their visions appear bizzare, grotesque, ugly and sardonic.


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